Spirulina Powder Side Effects — Contamination

Spirulina Powder Side Effects

As with any supplement, Spirulina powder has some side effects that you might want to watch out for.  Most of the reported side effects aren’t really directly related to Spirulina powder, but more often are caused by poor growing, harvesting, and processing of the Spirulina algae.  Contamination is a known issue with Spirulina powder.  The reason why is because of the way Spirulina is produced.  Being a microscopic organism, it isn’t like other green powders that are primarily made from grasses like wheat grass and others.  Green powders harvested from grasses are a lot easier to keep free of contamination.  Spirulina, being a microscopic organism, is grown in large vats where microorganisms thrive.  That means that producers of Spirulina need to make very certain that their growing vats stay free of bacteria and other microorganisms, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  It also means that you, the consumer, need to buy a quality brand of Spirulina powder, one whose company has high quality standards of operation.

Besides other microscopic organisms that sometimes find their way into the Spirulina growing chamber, are there any other side effects or things to know about concerning Spirulina powder?  Yes, there are a few, some of which we’ll cover in the next post.  But going along with the earlier concern that Spirulina growing vats are perfect breeding grounds for microorganisms in general, there are also contamination issues with the harvesting and processing of Spirulina that have been known to happen.  Because of the fact that Spirulina requires quite a bit of processing to get it from floating in a growing vat to usable powder, there are a lot of opportunities for contamination — things like heavy metals and artificial chemicals.

Again, that’s why it’s very important to choose a reputable brand of Spirulina powder that focuses on high quality control practices to produce contaminant free Spirulina.  In the later posts, we’ll go through some of the better brands of Spirulina powder, and which brands you might want to stay away from in order to avoid potential contamination.  Cheap knockoffs of Spirulina powder exist, and you need know which brands have poor production methods so you don’t put yourself at risk.  Spirulina powder is supposed to cleanse the body of contaminants, not introduce new ones to it.  It would be stupid to pay a bunch of money for a natural healthy detoxification product only to be ingesting toxins when you’re supposed to be eliminating them.  So stay tuned.

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