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Hawaiian Spirulina Powder Review

A great Hawaiian Spirulina Powder






Hawaiian Spirulina Powder on Sale Here

Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Powder Review

Spirulina powder that’s produced in Hawaii is considered the cream of the crop.  Spirulina Pacifica is, in the opinion of most, the best variety of Spirulina available.  Nutrex brand of Spirulina powder is great for a variety of reasons, but the main one that I’d like to highlight is freshness.  Nutrex brand Spirulina powder uses a process that processes the Spirulina in only 30 minutes.  That means that it goes from the growing vat or pond to the bottle in only half an hours time.  And they use state of the art methods for drying and oxygen removal to ensure that they’re Spirulina powder stays as fresh as humanly possible while it sits in the bottle.

What does that mean to me?  Why do I care if a powder is fresh?  Freshness is becoming a big deal in the world of nutritional supplements.  Many distributors for natural supplements are even coming out with supplements that are “Raw,” meaning that they haven’t even been heated or overly processed.  Foods that are closer to their natural state are almost always more nutritious and beneficial to the human body than foods that have been heavily treated, heated, and processed.  So having a Hawaiian produced Spirulina Pacifica powder that’s as fresh as possible ensures that you’re getting the maximum benefit possible from a Spirulina powder


Cost is another huge factor to consider when buying a Spirulina powder.  In this case, the cost of a container of Nutrex Spirulina powder right now is less than $30.  That’s really reasonable, especially considering that this particular Spirulina powder is among the best available.  This Spirulina powder is definitely our top recommendation for persons wanting a high quality Spirulina powder at an inexpensive price.  For the quality, you aren’t going to find a better deal.  But before you buy, make sure you check out the previous post about green powder combinations that contain Spirulina powder in their formula to see if you might not rather go in that direction instead.

Green Superfood Formula — Spirulina Powder

Green Superfood has a lot of Spirulina powder in its formula






Green Superfood on Sale Here

Green Superfood Formula — Spirulina Powder Review

One of the really great ways to get Spirulina powder is to take it inside of a green powder formula like Green Superfood.  I like this idea for a variety of reasons.  The first is because, not only are you able to get a nice amount of Spirulina powder per serving, you’re also able to get a wide variety of other really healthy ingredients as well, things like Chlorella, grasses, probiotics, antioxidants, and more.  I find this a plus.  Some people don’t however.  Some people feel that green powder formulas often take advantage of people by adding a lot of fillers to their products and only trace amounts of the really good ingredients.  There’s definitely something to this claim.

I’ve personally come across at least one brand of green powder that has a large amount of filler ingredients.  One such brand, which I won’t name, has 2000mg of lecithin per serving.  This is definitely something that could be called a filler ingredient inside of a green powder, especially considering that the next most abundant ingredient for that specific formula is only 500mg per serving.  So you definitely need to be careful.  This is why a lot of people prefer to take straight Spirulina powder, because then there’s no danger of buying a combination powder that’s managed to sneek a bunch of filler ingredients into their formula.


Another reason why I really like getting Spirulina inside of a green powder formula is because of the cost.  Green Superfood’s green powder right now is only $17 for a month supply.  That’s super cheap, especially considering that Green Superfood comes from a reputable brand.

Digestive Support

Another great thing about most green powder formulas is that they often come with digestive support ingredients like digestive enzymes and probiotics.  These can be very helpful, especially for people whose digestive systems aren’t running at peak efficiency.  Most green, nutrient dense compounds like Spirulina are already difficult for the body to process.  Having a boost in digestive support can help you maximize the nutrients that you’re ingesting.  For that reason, a lot of people like to combine a Spirulina powder with a green powder formula.  They’ll take half a serving of Spirulina powder and mix it with half a serving of a green powder formula of some kind.  This works very well, and in many cases can be the best of both worlds.

Source Natural’s Spirulina Powder Review

Source Naturals makes a great Spirulina powder





On Sale Here

Source Natural’s Spirulina Powder Review

Source Naturals is a very good name in the world of supplements.  I use many of their different varieties of supplements.  They make a Spirulina powder that’s among the best out there for the price.  Source Natural’s Spirulina powder doesn’t come with any fillers and is grown naturally and organically.  Those are the two most important factors I think.  That means that you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for, nothing more, nothing less.  And the great thing about this powder is that it’s the same price as the knockoff bulk powders coming over from China.  So why not go with a more reputable brand and ensure that you’re getting the quality you’re paying for?

So why does this powder only get 4 out of 5 stars?  This Spirulina powder is among the best out there.  But it’s not the best.  There are other brands and powders like Hawaiian Spirulina that are just of a higher quality — more nutritious and pure.  And the brand of Hawaiian Spirulina that we’ll review soon in an upcoming post is on an amazing sale as well.  Don’t get me wrong.  This Source Natural’s Spirulina powder is a great Spirulina.  If you buy it, you’ll definitely be happy.  What I often like to do is to have a couple of different brands that I can choose from and when the time comes to buy another bottle of powder, to choose the one that’s on the best sale at the time.  That’s not a bad way to operate.  Some people swear by certain brands, but I like to know that I’m getting the best deal.  There isn’t a big enough difference to me in quality between my three favorite brands for it to make a significant difference.  But that’s just me.  You get to decide for yourself.

Starwest Botanicals Spirulina Powder Review

starwest botanicals bulk Spirulina Powder from China


starwest botanicals spirulina powder stars


Starwest Botanicals Spirulina Powder Review

This is an example of what you need to watch out for.  Starwest Botanicals is a bulk green powder distributor that produces the bulk of its products in China.  Even though it has USDA Organic stamped right on its package, this Spirulina powder is made in China.  If you weren’t tuned in to the earlier posts about potential Spirulina powder contamination and side effects, then let me recap for you.  Spirulina powder, because of the way it’s produces, has the potential for contamination.  If it’s processed using substandard quality control methods, you’re much more likely to run the risk of contaminants entering the powder.  China is notorious for substandard quality control, so many people are very leery about buying a bulk natural health product from a country that’s been shown to have flagrantly disregarded proper quality control methods.


Another thing you have to watch out for with bulk powders is fillers.  Powders are one of the easiest compounds to add fillers to because they hide right in with the rest of the compound.  Sometimes these fillers are innocuous, things like chalk or other powders, but sometimes these fillers are dangerous.  If you’re going to buy a bulk Spirulina powder, it’s really a good idea to buy from a reputable brand that operates out of the United States where the FDA and other organizations enforce higher quality control measures than they do in other countries.


The one thing that blows my mind about Starwest Botanical’s Spirulina powder is the fact that it isn’t even cheaper than other Spirulina powders from more reputable brands.  Source Natural’s powder, which is one of the brands that I trust, is cheaper by oz than Starwest Botanical’s powder.  So do yourself a favor and buy from a brand that’s produced in a country with higher quality control standards than China.  You won’t be sorry you did.  In the next few posts, we’ll go over whether you’re better off getting your Spirulina powder inside of a green powder formula, or whether you’re better off taking Spirulina powder by itself.  So stay tuned.

Spirulina Powder Side Effects — Detoxification and Allergies

The two most common Spirulina powder side effects come from allergies, contamination, or from the detoxification process.  In the last post, we went over all of the different ways that contamination can sometimes creep into the Spirulina algae production method.  If you’re experiencing Spirulina powder side effects and the depictions in this post don’t quite match up, check out the previous post to see if those are more closely in line with what you’re experiencing.  But lets get back to detoxification and allergy side effects.

Detoxification Side Effects

Because of the fact that Spirulina powder is considered to be a fairly strong detoxifying agent, side effects can very easily pop up when a body starts to detoxify.  Spirulina has a large concentration of chlorophyll which binds to things like heavy metals and other toxins and causes them to be released from where they were lodged in the body in order for the body to process and expel them.  When large amounts of stored toxins are suddenly released in this way, it can cause a person to feel just plain lousy.  Symptoms are very similar to when a person has the flu and include things like fevers, aches, nausea, headaches, and many more.  Even though no one wants to experience symptoms like this, you can at least take comfort in the fact that the Spirulina powder is doing exactly what it should be doing.  I had a friend once who thought he was allergic to cilantro because he always felt feverish and achy after eating it.  Cilantro too, like Spirulina, is a very powerful detoxifier, and my friend could very well have been experiencing the side effects of detoxification rather than an allergic reaction.  So if you start taking Spirulina powder and have a reaction, you might be suffering from the side effects of detoxification rather than an allergic reaction.

Allergic Reaction

As with any supplement, some people who take it will probably experience an allergic reaction to Spirulina powder.  An allergen is nothing more than a substance that triggers a person’s immune system to be on the defense. When an allergen enters the body, the immune system reacts to it as though it were a deadly invader like a virus or a bacteria.  Some people have generally mild reactions to taking Spirulina powder. These reactions generally include things like rash or skin discomfort. Rarely, severe reactions occur, and include things like hives, troubled breathing, and symptoms resembling asthma.  If these describe your symptoms then seeking immediate medical attention might be a very good idea.