Spirulina Powder Benefits, Facts, and Information

Spirulina Powder Facts and Information

Spirulina is one of the most famous blue green algae in the planet.  Why is Spirulina classified by its color?  That’s just how algae are grouped.  Spirulina is classified in the blue-green department, along with the other famous algae Chlorella, which falls under the same grouping.  Other colors of edible algae include green, brown, red, and yellow-green.  Astoundingly enough, there are actually more than 8000 species of algae that are grown throughout the world.  That’s pretty impressive considering that most people don’t even eat algae.  Of those 8000 varieties, studies have shown that Spirulina is actually the easiest algae for the body to absorb and digest.  This is called bio-availability, and it’s a pretty big deal in the world of green powders.  Many algae, most notably Chlorella, must have its cell wall destroyed in order for it to be digestible.  That’s why some Chlorella labels will say things like “Cracked Cell Wall” or “Pulverized Cell Wall.”  In order for Chlorella to be rendered useful to humans, it has to undergo heavy processing, which many people are leery of.  Usually heavy processing and natural supplements don’t go hand in hand.

That’s why many people like the Spirulina powder.  It has the best of both worlds.  It’s nutrient dense just like Chlorella, containing many of the same vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but Spirulina is much easier for the human digestive system and requires less processing in order to be made bio-available.  For this reason, a lot of people have made the switch from Chlorella powder to Spirulina powder.  Spirulina algae has a long tradition of use by humans.  Records show that Spirulina algae were eaten early on in Mexico by the Aztecs.

As we’ve already mentioned before, Spirulina powder has a huge amount of benefits.  Spirulina is an excellent and highly nutritious source for minerals, amino acids, vitamins, chlorophyll and proteins, and has been shown to boost the human immune system, which is a huge plus for most.  Spirulina not only is very high in amino acid concentration, it also has 26 times the calcium available in milk.  This makes it a great supplement for people suffering from bone conditions and other ailments arising from calcium deficiency.  One other benefit to Spirulina powder that’s under a bit of controversy, is Spirulina’s weight loss properties.  Spirulina powder seems to aid the body in weight loss.  My guess would be that this is due to the detoxification process that happens when taking Spirulina powder.  When the body detoxes, it becomes more efficient and clean burning.  The metabolism generally speeds up and fat burning starts to occur.  That’s my guess as to the speculation that Spirulina assists in weight loss.  Any legitimate detox program should have similar results.

Spirulina Powder Benefits – Organic Protein Power

Spirulina Powder — Protein, Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals

Last post, we went through the different benefits of Spirulina powder and what makes it different from other green powders out there.  In this post, I want to highlight Spirulina as a protein powder.  When most people think of the phrase protein powder, they think of something like whey powder that’s made from milk.  Very rarely do people think of protein powders that come from non-animal sources.  But Spirulina powder is in fact a very powerful protein powder.  It’s a complete protein, containing all 8 essential amino acids and 14 non-essential ones.  That’s very rare from a non-animal source.

The only other vegetable protein that I’m aware of that’s even close to as rich in protein is hemp protein powder.  But with hemp protein powder, unless you buy a more expensive brand, it will actually contain more fiber than protein.  The first time I ever bought a bottle of hemp protein powder and took it home, I was shocked when I checked the ingredients and found out that it contained 9 grams of protein per serving and 11 grams of fiber.  I couldn’t understand how they could get away with calling it a protein powder when it wasn’t even mostly protein.  They should have called it a protein enhanced fiber powder of something like that.  But that’s beside the point.

Spirulina powder is a really excellent supplement for people wanting a boost in amino acids because it not only contains everything you’ll need in the amino acid department, it contains a huge amount of other healthy ingredients as well.  Spirulina powder is classified as nutrient dense, meaning that it’s power packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  Spirulina algae are rich in essential fatty acids and loaded with vitamins and minerals like riboflavin, thiamin, folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and Vitamins C, E, and D and has a healthy supply of beta carotene.  In the up coming posts, we’ll do some reviews on popular Spirulina powders and show you what things to watch out for, primarily brands that are less than reputable.  We’ll also discuss the benefit of taking Spirulina in a green powder formula instead of just as a single compound.  So stay tuned.


Spirulina Powder Benefits – Green Superfood

Spirulina powder is what’s called a superfood, meaning that it’s very nutrient dense.  It’s not a powder in its original form, but is created from microscopic blue green algae that have a coil shape.  These algae are found in both fresh and salt water environments and are one of the few edible algae.  Many reports have been done to identify the health benefits of Spirulina powder.  Some claim that it’s a miracle powder, ridding the body of illnesses, anxiety, stress, and even reversing aging.  Others claim that it does very little, mostly due to the fact that it’s difficult for the body to absorb and process its nutrients.  There’s people on both ends of the spectrum. That’s why we wanted to create a website devoted just to Spirulina powder, and conveying correct, up to date information about it.

Spirulina powder comes in the form of tablets, flakes, and powders. Because of the fact that Spirulina algae are microscopic organisms, the algae need to be processed in order to get into a usable form such as a powder or a pill.  Some people don’t like the fact that Spirulina is processed in this way, but virtually all compounds that are high in chlorophyll need to be processed in a similar way.  Any kind of grass such as wheatgrass, generally undergoes a similar process to render it into powder form.  Unless you’re comfortable just munching on stalks of unprocessed grass, you’ll have to be comfortable with some level of processing.

Here are a few Spirulina powder benefits.  Spirulina powder is amazingly high in proteins, containing in great supply virtually all of the amino acids the body relies on.  Unlike other plant protein it is distinctly superior and is regarded as a complete protein supplement. It is comprised of all eight essential amino acids and fourteen non-essential amino acids which helps in the manufacture of protein supplements.  That’s pretty incredible from a non-animal protein, and is what really puts Spirulina powder ahead of the pack.  Spirulina powder is also very full of chlorophyll, which is a powerful detoxifying agent.  Most people in the modern world encounter numerous toxins throughout the day, things like pesticides, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, alcohol, pollution, and more — but most don’t eat a powerful detoxifier to cleanse their system of all they encounter.  This makes Spirulina powder invaluable in modern culture.  In the up coming posts, we’ll go through everything you need to know about making a wise decision about Spirulina powder.